Top Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Give You Practical Wisdom

By: Samik on December 24, 2015

Top Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Give You Practical Wisdom

There are many things a person can do to learn in the world of Internet marketing. The best among them is to get out and take action. And, your first step here is experimenting with what you have in mind and tweaking them as results direct. This deserves the utmost importance because there is no other way to know what will work best for your business. The second method of learning is through extensive reading. The Internet abounds in blogs written by successful entrepreneurs who had been in the phase you are at the moment. They are the kind-hearted individuals and companies who packed their life experiences in the form of easily digestible content. They often are presented in the form of blogs. Through their writings, the experts keep you updated on their niche topics as they learn from their experiences in life. Here are some of the top entrepreneur blogs that would contribute greatly towards your growth as an Internet marketer.

1. The Groove Blog

This, to be honest, is the best transparent blog for entrepreneurs that you can find on the Internet. The blog is owned and operated by Alex Turnbull, CEO of Groove. It begins as a start-up aspiring to earn $500k and follows up until it attains the goal. The writing contains all the insights it received along the way. Quite naturally, you can learn a lot just by following this on of the top entrepreneur blogs all along the blogger’s journey. What sets The Groove Blog apart from the others is that it discusses even the things that didn’t work for them. And, all their recommendations are supported by the data they gathered along the journey. Here are some of the things you will learn here.
• Tips to establish a relationship with successful marketers on Twitter
• Why you should publish answers to “frequently asked questions” once a week
• Ways to succeed in content marketing

2. The Daily Egg

Crazy Egg is a product built with data. This makes it natural that the insights the blog offers are the result of extensive research. Besides, the platform gets richer with great guest posts as days go by. It is no surprise that the blog is an authority on a vast array of subjects. If this is not sufficient, the platform is one among the many projects of Neil Patel, a renowned content marketer. Read the blog and you will understand; whatever this writer touches gets transformed into gold!
A glimpse into the blog
Crazy Egg contains information on how to promote content and the need for understanding your readership to expand your outreach. It also talks of the fatal mistakes marketers often commit. You also get valuable advice on how to become a better writer.

3. Swift Branding

This is a new player in the field. And, George Karboulonis, a renowned author is doing a great job offering valuable insights to Internet marketers. The website also abounds in freebies and other helpful resources. To an experienced marketer, the content may appear generalized. Still, thorough research will reveal gems. The author knows how to make experts share their stories as case studies to illustrate great insights. The author talks of ways to improve keyword research and offers tips for writers to reach a larger audience. Visit the website to get access to this vast source of information.

4. Copyblogger

This is so unique among those top entrepreneur blogs in the world because it is focused entirely on content writing. They not only offer valuable insights on content marketing but is built on them. Copyblogger has been with us for quite a long time. But, now the company has expanded its outreach to other fields. And, it is a goldmine for those seeking practical tips on expanding their marketing campaign. Following are some of the great insights you will receive here.
• Tips on email marketing
• Ways to optimize your website to transform it into an ever-expanding source of revenue
• Tips on copywriting
• How to design great landing pages

5. Chris Ducker

This is Chris Ducker’s blog. Chris is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker. This blog is a great platform for learners willing to think outside the box. He regular updates on business building, productivity, smart marketing practices and more to inspire young entrepreneurs.


Darren Rowse, a renowned blogger shares his experiences and gives valuable insights for budding marketers in the platform. It is also known to be the best source of information for those wanting to build their business on content. Ways to make money blogging and tips to improve content are just two among the great things the site offers.


Derek is hailed as a great entrepreneur and a renowned writer. He is known for the ability to break great challenges into feasible steps. He offers the insights he gained from his life as a marketer in easy-to-understand blog posts. This is sure to be your favourite within the first visit if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

Beside those top entrepreneur blogs don’t forget this blog!

Along with these awesome bloggers please don’t forget to continue reading this blog. I promise you will get lots of content to help you become the most productive and profitable entrepreneur possible.

Other benefits of blogging

Know that blogs are not only sources of great insights. They let you give back to the society what you received from it. Create a blog and keep on updating it as you gain knowledge, your business will grow without you noticing it. This happens because a constantly updated website or blog with trends is a sign of a growing business. Subscribing to blogs also help you get rid of writer-blocks. Read posts on varying topics and try to include those not related to your field. They also assist in your efforts to stay connected. Remember, interaction with others is a must to survive for a marketer. You may minimize it. But, eliminating it for good is a recipe for disaster both in your personal and professional life.

Read the top entrepreneur blogs listed above; let continuous education make you a millionaire without you noticing it.

Top Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Give You Practical Wisdom
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