Soon To Be Rolled Our Facebook News Feed-What To Predict From It?

Written by: Samik on January 18, 2018

Facebook News Feed Is Changing

You have probably noticed the news by now, that there is a big change coming in Facebook News Feed again, and it wants to focus on “friends and families“.

As Mark Zuckerberg’s core Facebook is mainly focused on well being of people, connecting friends and families worldwide, but in recent years, this focus has been shifted to businesses, brands and media […]

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7 Ways To Get More Fans On Your Facebook Fan Page!

Written by: Samik on August 8, 2013

Facebook has become a huge potential market for your social media efforts. Get more fans and engage them on your Facebook page to grow your business virally. Here are some important statistics to incorporate this social media in your business. These are recently released by Facebook. Worldwide active Facebook users are 1.15 billion. 4.5 billion likes generate daily worldwide. 669 […]

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Why You Should Consider Social Media In Your Business?

Written by: Samik on July 21, 2013

With the revolutionary advantage of the Internet, several social media is doing some extraordinary things by bridging peoples across the globe. People can interact with each other. The most popular social sites are Facebook and Twitter, who collectively have over 1.5 billion users in the world. Others include Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more sites. People spend time on these […]

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