How To Use Hashtags For Business? Part 2

By: Samik on September 16, 2015

The effect of social media on today’s businesses has proven itself instrumental in increasing awareness and generating traffic. Similarly, the use of hashtags has become equally important. Smart business owners have rushed to implement complete marketing strategies using hash marks on various social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Facebook. In this article, we will discuss to use hashtags for business purposes and some other important information all website and business owners should know.

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This is the second part of the article series. If you missed the part 1 please read it here.

Marketing strategies using hash marks have proven very effective in improving SEO, increasing traffic, generating brand awareness, and making content more accessible. But to implement these strategies, you need to have a firm grasp on some basic hashtag knowledge. Here you will find information about the following:

• Research trending hashtags
• Finding hashtags related to the main keyword
• Tools to detect hashtag strength
• Hashtags on Twitter
• Hashtags on Facebook

How to Use Hashtags for Business

Knowing how to use hashtags for business means knowing where to start. Before creating your hashtag, you need to research trending hashtags. Hashtags are to social media what keywords are to Google searches. When looking for trending hashtags, hashtag research tools can prove invaluable. The search engine allows hashtag searches on your favorite social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. RiteTag refines the research process of matching hash marks to the shared content on various social media.

Finding Hashtags Related to Main Keyword

Other tools can also help in finding hash marks related to a main keyword or keywords. Twitonomy has analytic tools for hashtags on Twitter. These tools excel at finding hashtags related to the main keyword or hashtags. Rite Tag also helps when trying to find relevant hashtags to main keywords. Simply use the hashtags you found on Twitonomy under Associated Hash marks to find the most relevant ones. also helps find hashtags related to any main keyword.

Tools to Detect Hashtag Strength

Choosing hash marks means you need the strongest ones possible to get the most from them. Instead of the trial and error process, you can use tools to detect hashtag strength. can do just that and more. Multiple tools can help with all of your needs. Different analytic tools will also help monitor your hashtags.

Using Hashtags on Twitter

Use relevant hashtags on Twitter to increase traffic and awareness. Check for the most popular hashtags in specific trending topics. This helps you make any necessary adjustments to your hashtags. Try placing the hash marks in different places in a tweet like the beginning, end, or middle. Use hashtags on Twitter to advertise new content, events, or anything you need to get traffic to your website or business.

Using Hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags on Facebook help you to reach more people, expanding your reach. Since these hashtags are clickable, users can go directly to where you want them to go. This makes it much easier than using keywords and search engines. Using these hashtags on Facebook allow you to cross several platforms at one time without the added work. While privacy settings are still in effect, you can basically create any hashtag you need.

So make your life easier and start making those hash marks for your business campaigns!

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How To Use Hashtags For Business? Part 2
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