How To Use Hashtags For Business? Part 1

By: Samik on August 6, 2015

How To Use Hashtags For Business? Part 1

The proliferation of social media has changed the marketing effort through the effective use of hashtags for business promotion and provide value to their customers. Here we will discuss what hashtags (#) are and how using this technology can drive web traffic and new customers to your business.

What are Hashtags (#)?

As they are a form of data that gives information about other data, hashtags are a particular form of metadata used in various social media and micro blogging applications. The purpose of using hashtags in social media is to make it easier for your target audience to find messages with a specific theme or content. Adding a hashtag to your message instantly makes the message a searchable link on social media applications and internet searches. For example, if the XYZ Company wants their corporate messages to be more easily found in searches, it would include the hashtag, #xyzcompany giving them more opportunity to spread their message. That’s the power of using hashtags for business growth.

How Do I Create Hashtags

Creating  hashtags is fairly straightforward in principle. By adding the symbol #, to the beginning of a theme, you have created a hashtag. For example, to create a hashtag for an upcoming event like a brand promotion, it might look like this: #xyzcompanysale. When users search for #xyzcompanysale, they will be provided with messages and posts containing that tag.

When creating a hashtag, it may be included in any place within your message. You may place your hashtag at the beginning: “#xyzcompanysale is starting today” in the middle, “Starting today #xyzcompanysale, get 20% off” or at the end, “Starting today get 20% off #xyzcompanysale”.

It is important to know what characters to use in implementing hashtags for your business. First and foremost, spaces are not recognized in hashtags and thus will only recognize the first portion, immediately following the # symbol. If the hashtag contains multiple words, group them together and use capital letters to differentiate words, i.e. “xyzCompanySale.” Numbers are recognized characters within hashtags, however, punctuation marks such as commas and exclamation points are not.

Best Practices using hashtags for business

One of the most important things to keep in mind when using hashtags is to be specific to your message. For example, when promoting an upcoming sale XYZ company would want to include their company name in their hashtag as opposed to just including #sale. This ensures their messages are not lumped together with every other company out there running a sale.

Sending a message which only includes a hashtag can be confusing, thus giving context is another must when using for business. For example, XYZ Company would post “End of Summer Sale Featuring all Products #xyzcompanysale” rather than simply the hashtag on its own.

Thus using hashtags for business has become an indispensable tool to utilize the internet to engage new prospective buyers and to maintain relationships with existing customers. Implementing a consistent strategy of their use will result to maximize your marketing efforts from social media and internet marketing.

Stay tuned for the next part. I will be discussing more on the hashtag and some tools to help more to your social media business marketing effort.

Which social media do you use for your marketing campaign using hashtags? Share your thoughts below and don’t forget to share this post with others.

How To Use Hashtags For Business? Part 1
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