How To Become An Entrepreneur: Some Genuinely Useful Advice

By: Samik on January 9, 2016

How To Become An Entrepreneur: Some Genuinely Useful Advice

There exists a common misconception about freedom of quitting the job to become an entrepreneur. People think they won’t require putting in many, many more hours than 40 per week. While this is true; it depends on if you are fully confident that the income you make from home will exceed your regular source of revenue. People fail to understand every individual is unique.

Not everyone’s cut out for it, our confidenece level is different, nerve to defend the bad time is also different and that’s ok.

However, if you are the brave who dare to take up the challenge, know that the following are must-haves to become an entrepreneur.

1. A disciplined life

The prospect of being your own boss is definitely attractive. You don’t have to adhere to a stringent timeframe. However, you will need discipline in the truest sense since you will have to stay at the top for everything. You will also find yourself spending hours doing mundane tasks. Take care to ensure that you are able to stay focused even when doing jobs that may appear tough or boring.

2. You will compromise to become an entrepreneur

Don’t think that discipline alone will make you a good businessman. You will sacrifice your enjoyments to be able to complete more tasks. For instance, you may have worked long and would want to appreciate yourself with a few minutes of beer or a favorite movie. Still, you are going to sacrifice even this few minutes of enjoyment to do as much as you can for your business.

3. You will manage others

You may just want to work at your own company or start a small business. Whatever is the scenario, you will have to interact with and manage other professionals. They may be freelance contractors or your permanent employees. As an intelligent owner of a business, you know that your success depends on your team. It implies that you have to be an example to others walking the talk when establishing organizational goals, ethics, and codes of conduct. Be a person whom people approach for directions instead of you having to ask questions. Remember, this is not an easy thing; you will have to find a balance between your tasks and the expectations of those around you.

4. You maintain an effective relationship

Leadership and relationship are directly proportionate with each other. Great leaders spend most of their time building the effective relationship with other people. Whether it’s people they want to influence or future leader who need the inspiration to take action.

5. You will network a lot

As you know, being on one’s own when running a business is a daunting task. The feasible way is to establish working relationships with those who had gone through the phase you are at present. Evaluate your skills and find the ones you can exchange with others. For instance, you can offer advice on website optimization in exchange for practical advice in marketing. Work tirelessly until you get to the position you dream and start building up on your own to stand apart from the others.

6. Success belongs to those who work hard

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”- Colin Powell

If you feel that success depends on how much you can spend, you are entirely wrong. Success asks for hard work. Read as many autobiographies of industrialists as you can. All of them will be tales of hardships and sacrifices. Even those whom luck favored to gain a million following will tell you; success is not easy. Even luck comes to those willing to go the extra miles required to reach a certain level.

7. You will trust your intuitions

As an entrepreneur, you know that it is difficult to include everything in an Excel charge sheet. Besides, they may create a false sense of security because the results they offer are based on assumptions. Learn to trust your gut feeling. Don’t forget, subconscious mind contains superior wisdom that comes up with guidance where logic fails to help you.

8. You will hate procrastination

Procrastination is a destroyer, experts say. It increases stress and reduces productivity. And, this is going to create detrimental effects if you are an entrepreneur. The best thing to do is to take precautionary measures so that you are able to fight off the flood of excuses that come up when you don’t feel like doing a particular job. Research online and you will get as many practical tips as you want in the field.

9. You will not yield to distractions

If you are a person like me, you will avoid difficult tasks by focusing too much on irrelevant and small jobs. Know that it is the productivity killer you should always dread. When you have to do a tough job, move in the direction you find easier. You can even visualize a situation when you are unable to complete the job on time. Find ways to fight off distractions and you will succeed in your efforts to earn a name in your entrepreneurial journey.

10. You won’t take anything for granted

This is the fatal mistake entrepreneurs often commit. They judge a task at a glance and underestimate it. It is only when they start doing the job that they understand that they didn’t give enough time to complete it on time. Determine your priorities and do anything that comes your way accordingly without judging it. Try to understand the role the job plays in the overall performance of your company. Doing this will prevent you from taking anything for granted.

11. Ability to think outside the box

Great leaders challenge themselves to discover new and better methods for doing things. They achieve incredible things due to the fact that they’re willing to make queries and then create change where it’s anticipated to generate improvement. You can read those top entrepreneur blogs available out there to know about the top leaders, their entrepreneurial life journey, their challenges, their success stories who had been in the phase you are at the moment.

12. You will be a good leader

It goes without saying that an entrepreneur is a leader for a team. But, making others feel that you are someone worth following is a herculean task. You may have the perfect solution for a concern your company finds. However, there is no guarantee that your solution is always the right one. Learn to find credible sources to find answers. Stay confident when making decisions and be willing to own the responsibility if things go wrong.

Tips and suggestions abound in number. Not every single individual are the same. Some individuals work well under pressure, others don’t. Some respond best to extreme appreciation, others think about it literally and close down. Whatever you have to do, be scrappy and don’t stop working until you’re where you want to be. Your success lies in finding the ones that work for you to become an entrepreneur that people want to follow.

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How To Become An Entrepreneur: Some Genuinely Useful Advice
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