How Much Persistence Required To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

By: Samik on December 14, 2017

How Much Persistence Required To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

Yes! You Need a Large Amount of Persistence to be a successful Entrepreneur.

This article will make you understand about PERSISTENCE as a crucial aspect of the Success Stimulating Matrix.

“When the going gets tough, the Tough get going”

“Winners never quit and Quitters never win”

You may be thinking why I started with the quotations above. I’ve used these quotations because they appropriately explain the subject I’m about to talk about.

They’re not only quotes but they have that emotion people are attached to Persistence.

Persistence is an important and necessary characteristic of being a successful Entrepreneur. When you say about persistence, it appeals to many things that one has to be acquired. This is the most important aspect which is not available so easy but through a continuous process improvement of yourself.

I see business as a way of life. You acquire knowledge from your mistakes and try to improve on your next step. Though it’s possible, it’s not regular for an Entrepreneur to succeed at the very first attempt.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must develop the persistence and burning desire to succeed.

First, you develop the idea of your business, make your plans and start your business.

As you go along, there’ll always be instances when you look and encounter you’ve hit a wall. These could come in different ways – it could be that govt just introduced a new plan that may not benefit your company or a product developed by your opponent may be nipping the market share from you.

At such times you must stay focused on your businesses, modify your plans when and where necessary to take into consideration.

This is why a well established Business Plan must be versatile enough to accept any improvements that may come up as business functions move forward.

The ability to stay the course and keep focus despite opposite choices is what describes PERSISTENCE.

Being persistent is an indication of a real performer and for you to succeed as a Business Owner, you need to have a decent dose of persistence.

Persistence is a very crucial success factor for any Entrepreneur.

There are many success factors, however, persistence is the only essential factor in the Success Stimulating Matrix.

You must have trust in yourself and your business idea because other people may not believe in it.

This jogs my memory of the story of Henry Ford. Mr Ford had failed in five businesses before he launched The Ford Motor Company which turned out to be a huge success.

Mr Ford also showed much persistence when he wished to build up a car with the V8 motor. His expert team was uncertain about the possibilities but Ford was determined and he continuously pursues them on each and every occurrence to proceed with the challenge.

Eventually, success smiled on him and a car with a V8 motor was developed. This was a well-utilized case of what persistence can accomplish.

Indeed, history shows that when Persistence is used positively, all the rules of nature conspire and meet to allow the Entrepreneur a freedom.

Always inspire yourself to have trust in your businesses and your own capability for making your business succeed.

I believe that persistence is an attribute of success that can be mastered under the right circumstances.

You learn from your mistakes and failures and carry those over to become a successful entrepreneur.

You don’t give up just because of a bad experience. Instead, you build on your experience and try to take better choices next time.

However, It’s beneficial to state that you must know when to stop being stubborn with your persistence and instead modify your plans or use another strategy to get the preferred results.

Thank you for “persisting” to the end of this write-up.

If you have anything to add to the guidelines expressed here please take a moment to express your thoughts in your comments box.

How Much Persistence Required To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?
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