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Learn How to Write Subheadings That People Will Love To Read!

Written by: Samik on July 30, 2015

How to write subheadings

You have spent hours of writing and finally, you hit publish.

What happened then?

There is no comment, no social sharing! Guess what? You are so depressed!

But you need not be worry if you know how to structure the content properly. Mainly you should focus on headlines and know how to write subheadings. To protect from the impatient searchers your content’s headline […]

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Guide to Write Catchy Headlines to Hook Your Readers!

Written by: Samik on July 20, 2015

guide to write catchy headlines

Growing up with a mother and grandfather who used to work for the media, I have a fairly good idea of how important and critical writing catchy headlines can be. My mother would point out to me headlines in newspapers and we would read them together. She would let me pick out the ones I liked the most. I always […]

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10 Free And Proven Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic!

Written by: Samik on October 30, 2013


Getting more traffic to your website is the main goal. Because more traffic means more engagement and which in turn makes more sales. One of my friends was upset because he was not getting adequate web traffic although his contents were good. One day he asked me how he will be able to increase more traffic to his website! The […]

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