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How Much Persistence Required To Be A Successful Entrepreneur?

Written by: Samik on December 14, 2017

Successful Entrepreneur

Yes! You Need a Large Amount of Persistence to be a successful Entrepreneur.

This article will make you understand about PERSISTENCE as a crucial aspect of the Success Stimulating Matrix.

“When the going gets tough, the Tough get going”

“Winners never quit and Quitters never win”

You may be thinking why I started with the quotations above. I’ve used these quotations because they appropriately […]

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9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas

Written by: Scott on March 21, 2017

startup ideas

The first step in making sure that your startup ideas will happen is to have others validate them. Going through this process helps sharpen these ideas and make them more interesting to investors. If they see these ideas as feasible and could be a money-making machine in the future, they won’t have second thoughts in funding it.

To validate your startup […]

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5 Ways You Can Increase Online Business Revenue!

Written by: Samik on December 10, 2016

Increase online business revenue

If you’ve just started an online business, you’ll face some issues with self-sustenance in the beginning. During the first few months, the bills can be quite the burden since you won’t have a lot of income flowing in. So to self-sustain, you should follow some of the proven revenue models that can boost your online business. To survive, you might […]

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The Secrets Of Starting A Home Based Business Online!

Written by: Samik on August 21, 2016

Starting a home based business online

There are several reasons why a great number of people are thinking about starting a home based business online. The process of starting an online business is simple but there are various factors that you need to consider if you want to thrive. Just like any other type of business, your foundation is very important. The practices that you adopt […]

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Top Five Awesome Home Based Business You Could Start Online!

Written by: Samik on July 13, 2016

Sarting a Home Based Business Online

For some people, the regular 9 to 5 job just doesn’t seem to have any charm. The idea of waking up in the morning, getting dressed, and sitting at a desk for eight hours, working through their teeth as a corporate slave can be very off-putting. They’d rather just wake up and work from the comfort of their homes. If […]

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11 Growth Hacking Small Scale Business Tips You Really Need To Know!

Written by: Samik on February 14, 2016

small-scale business tips

Being an entrepreneur, you will find that you have just your own experiences to guide you as you go along. There are numerous other great resources from where one can gather great insights. But, no two businesses are alike. It implies that you will never know what works for you until you experiment something on your own. For a person […]

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How To Become An Entrepreneur: Some Genuinely Useful Advice

Written by: Samik on January 9, 2016

Must have qualities to become an entrepreneur

There exists a common misconception about freedom of quitting the job to become an entrepreneur. People think they won’t require putting in many, many more hours than 40 per week. While this is true; it depends on if you are fully confident that the income you make from home will exceed your regular source of revenue. People fail to understand […]

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Top Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Give You Practical Wisdom

Written by: Samik on December 24, 2015

Top Entrepreneur Blogs

There are many things a person can do to learn in the world of Internet marketing. The best among them is to get out and take action. And, your first step here is experimenting with what you have in mind and tweaking them as results direct. This deserves the utmost importance because there is no other way to know what […]

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Key Benefits of a Mastermind Group| What Will You Achieve?

Written by: Samik on August 30, 2013

master mind group


A mastermind group represents individuals that work together to assist each participant of the group to accomplish their goals and overcome difficulties. This term was originally created by Napoleon Hill who is the author of Think and Grow Rich. He described a mastermind group as the synchronisation of effort and knowledge in the soul of balance between two or more […]

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