Blogging For Money – 5 Proven Strategies To Earn Money From Blog!

By: Samik on December 24, 2017

Blogging For Money - 5 Proven Strategies To Earn Money From Blog!

Want to make money from blogging? This article is outlined with some of the proven strategies about blogging for money and how can you make a living from it. Before going to dive into the topics, let me remind you that blogging isn’t about staying at home, living with pajamas, it’s an art of presenting valuable information to your audience.

This is something that your readers or audience would love to hear from you and the key is how your readers will be engaged with your blog. The moment you decide about blogging for money, you’re no longer just an amateur blogger. At that time, you also become an entrepreneur, and your blog becomes your earning source.

To Start a blog in the first instance is easy but to monetize your blog successfully, you need to establish the blog. You should know that to establish a blog involves time, tenacity and hard work and hard work generates the reward.

Here comes the question, can you really make money from blogging?

Well, I can assure that you can if you do it properly. There are probably thousands of people all around the world who have set up their blog and are earning more money than they did while working a regular job.

Now blogging is all about writing helpful information. People want information and THEY DO NOT CARE who provides it. They just want an answer. If you provide it, you win. Content creates real value for readers, and that creates trust. And trust is what makes sales happen.

Here are 5 ways that you can make money from blogging.

1) Promote other peoples product through your blog

This is the easiest way of blogging for money.

Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept. You promote other peoples products and services and when someone purchases from your referral you then receive a commission which is a percentage of the total sale price.

So you can join in affiliate programs and then start to create content around the services and products that they offer. When creating your article look at how the product or service can help someone overcome their problem and then cope with the pain points that person is suffering from.

Then you lead them to the solution which is the affiliate product you are promoting and give them a clear call to action which is to buy the product. This is how blogging for money with affiliate marketing works.

There are many affiliate networks available on the web. Among them Clickbank is huge.ClickBank’s focus is digital information products.Other networks are Rakuten (formerly, CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction), ShareASale, Avangate among many more.

2) Provide Ad Space on your blog

Once your blog is established with plenty of traffic every day you can start advertising programs to show off appropriate third party ads.

Generally, you have to place some code on your blog and that results the ads will appear on your pages. Whenever a visitor clicks on those ads you will get paid from the ad agency.

Popular advertising programs are as follows.

1. Google Adsense
2. NativeAds
3. AdsChitika
4. eMiniMalls

3) Blogging for money as a freelance writer

Many blog owners simply don’t have the time to create their own content and use freelance writers to write for them.

There are many freelancing sites available on the net and you can be a part of them absolutely free. What you do is complete your profile with your expertise areas you have and you can then either bid on blog writing assignments or blog owners will contact you directly.

It is then for you to barter your fee or it may be a fixed priced assignment. You get hired, do the work and get paid

Best freelancing sites are

1. Upwork (previously oDesk)
2. Toptal (for seasoned, talented freelancers)
3. Freelance Writing Gigs
4. iWriter

4) Sell your own product

We are a community of consumers! If you have an item that you have made, then why not sell it on your website. Perhaps you are an app developer and have developed an app to help people, maybe you are a writer, or passionate about crafts, sell them off through your website. If they are popular, there might be a chance of full-time business for you!

5) Email Marketing

Email marketing can make you a lot of money. The key is to develop a large subscriber list of your blog visitors. When people sign-up to get your updates or offers they become your subscribing member, you get their e-mail address. The more you get someone’s email address the better.

With an email list, you can build relationships with your readers, build a brand, suggest products and promote any events or workshops that you may be organising.

Email marketing is the most essential and effective way of blogging for money. Just don’t go overboard with e-mails so that they are considered as spam! Nobody prefers spam!

Here is some Email marketing software to handle your e-mail newsletters:

1.  AWeber
2. Constant Contact
3. Get Response
4. Mail Chimp

So if you are an advisor you can also make content around your services or if you have your own e-books, video programs or subscription-based products you can also create blogs promoting those.

By doing this you get to keep 100% of the selling which eventually brings more money to you.

Here is a great resource that gives you a blueprint for building your blogging movement. This is Charlie’s Common Sense Blog Blueprint. Charlie will build and host your blog and teach you how to turn it into a list-building, sale-making, powerhouse. He will give you new insights on how to blog, how to save time when posting, ideas about new content strategies and more.

I wish you every success in running your home-based business from anywhere in the world and profiting from your blogging strategies.

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Blogging For Money - 5 Proven Strategies To Earn Money From Blog!
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