Home Based Business-Why Earning Money From Home Is Easier Than You Think!

Written by: Samik on October 2, 2015

home based business

Home business workspace

Been laid-off, put to pasture or presumed proverbial scatterbrained-mom? Are you a stay-at-home mom (or dad) who’s wondering how you can help pay a few bills or more adventurously kick-start that entrepreneurial dream of yours? Starting a home based business is the ideal way of doing this.

Needless to say, many of today’s most successful brand names […]

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How To Use Hashtags For Business? Part 2

Written by: Samik on September 16, 2015

hashtags for business

The effect of social media on today’s businesses has proven itself instrumental in increasing awareness and generating traffic. Similarly, the use of hashtags has become equally important. Smart business owners have rushed to implement complete marketing strategies using hash marks on various social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Facebook. In this article, we will discuss to use hashtags […]

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How To Use Hashtags For Business? Part 1

Written by: Samik on August 6, 2015

Hashtags for business

The proliferation of social media has changed the marketing effort through the effective use of hashtags for business promotion and provide value to their customers. Here we will discuss what hashtags (#) are and how using this technology can drive web traffic and new customers to your business.

What are Hashtags (#)?

As they are a form of data that gives information […]

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Learn How to Write Subheadings That People Will Love To Read!

Written by: Samik on July 30, 2015

How to write subheadings

You have spent hours of writing and finally, you hit publish.

What happened then?

There is no comment, no social sharing! Guess what? You are so depressed!

But you need not be worry if you know how to structure the content properly. Mainly you should focus on headlines and know how to write subheadings. To protect from the impatient searchers your content’s headline […]

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Guide to Write Catchy Headlines to Hook Your Readers!

Written by: Samik on July 20, 2015

guide to write catchy headlines

Growing up with a mother and grandfather who used to work for the media, I have a fairly good idea of how important and critical writing catchy headlines can be. My mother would point out to me headlines in newspapers and we would read them together. She would let me pick out the ones I liked the most. I always […]

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Improve your self confidence in 15 minutes!

Written by: Samik on June 9, 2014

I used to be frighteningly under confident in social situations. And although people who know me now would never believe I used to doubt myself so much I literally had to learn confidence until it became a natural part of me. I can tell you relaxed optimistic confidence is just, well so much more fun.

Here I’ll tell you about […]

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Secrets of An Excellent Market Research!

Written by: Samik on May 18, 2014

Market research

The latest trend of the internet is quite different. The Internet has become a very profitable business channel. This is why there is no difference in selling or marketing a conglomerate trade show display products. Here are some of the secrets of having an excellent market research:

Believe in the results:

The people of today, err by undertaking the research, but they […]

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Protected: How To Defeat Your Self Doubt?

Written by: Samik on May 7, 2014

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Advantages Of Earning Money From Home!

Written by: Samik on May 1, 2014


Similar to your regular office job there are many advantages in a work-from-home job. These advantages should be kept in mind if you are planning a change in career. Here are some of the advantages of earning money from home:

More Time for Your Loved Ones:

When you work to earn online income from home, you will be in a better position […]

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Gain A Positivity Boost in Your Mind!

Written by: Samik on April 25, 2014

Positive thoughts

A positive approach is essential in life. Positive people receive a lot more from their lives, they attract other positive people, they enjoy themselves, they look on the sunny side of life, and thus they have more positive experiences and boost their mind with positivity.

If you can develop the ability to think positively in hard circumstances, then this cannot simply increase […]

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