Advantages Of Content Marketing-How To Create Effective Content To Buzz?

By: Samik on December 31, 2017

Advantages Of Content Marketing-How To Create Effective Content To Buzz?

At the year 2012 when possibilities were huge on the online arena, many people successfully attracted their audience attention to prove themselves. They took the front place in their respective verticals utilizing the advantages of content marketing.

While by 2015, everyone was doing this …and most people among them were seeing reducing revenue.

Lots of people burned off from trying to push average article, publishing it on their social networking sites, and seeing zero return on their investments.

Most of the people were so concentrated on quantity of content that they failed to produce quality content and submission of the same that they could have generated big results.

By 2016, the techniques that had worked well beginning no longer worked well, unless you were one of the brands that had gained important audiences or, you had a relatively healthier marketing budget that could retain a clearly defined audience.

Fast forward now. We’re heading towards 2018.Now the scenario is more competitive than ever. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 89% of B2B marketers are using Article Marketing.

Now the question is… is article marketing still effective like before? The fact is definitely yes if your strategy is right.

If you need some new ideas to take advantages of content marketing, or you’re having difficulty preparing your smart marketing strategy for the upcoming year, here are the steps you need to embrace to be successful with article in 2018.

1) Goal setting and creating a plan

What’s your goal for developing a smart marketing plan? Why do you want to create article and build a content marketing plan? To make these decision you need to do some market research.

If you know your goals before you start planning, you’ll have no trouble identifying what’s best for your strategy. Download this Goal Planning template here.

2) Determine your piece of Content

Most people start out with blog articles, but if you want to head out and try producing other content pieces, consider which ones you want to make. For example E books, Podcasts, Infographics, Videos etc.

If you’ve been in business for a while, evaluate your marketing strategies and the results you gained in past year. Determine what you can do more to make your content in a different way in the upcoming year and set new goals to achieve.

3) Invest the time to take advantages of content marketing

Last year over half of the marketers worldwide lacking behind of their success only because they didn’t devote enough time to produce the asset of smart marketing.

Not surprising! Smart marketing is a long-game and it does require a time commitment. But when it performs, it not only increases your brand’s value (which is useful in immediate selling) but it makes a flow of new audience and ultimately drives profitable customer action.

4) Prioritize quality over quantity

With shaggy, low-impact content your business will surely be saturated, if you don’t prioritize quality over quantity.

People are very smart. If you can’t listen to their voice, they won’t ever listen to you again.

This the reason you need to create incredibly useful asset to make sure to catch your audience interest and get them to inherit in your content thereby getting to know your brand, your product and your promotions.

You want your viewers to think that, you or your brand is caring for them, giving value to them. They should feel that “This is excellent.”

Lastly, you want to take advantage of that goodwill with the opportunity to sometimes speak about what you’re promoting. You know, to get income.

5) Determine a content management system

Developing really well, important asset is not a small job. It requires expertise in marketing strategy, research, analysis, and creativity. And that doesn’t all Promotion and distribution requires additional skills. You want to get your content into hands of potential audience as early as possible so that it will add a benefit to you.

Hence place a Content Management System or CMS where you can manage your creation. CMS is an application where you can create and manage your digital asset.

It has two major components. One is content management application (CMA) and another one is content delivery application (CDA) which supports multiple users in a collaborative environment without the need of any expertise (Source Wikipedia).

There are many content management systems available where you can plan, produce, publish, and measure your results. You can use HubSpot where you can get all of the features in a place. Other management systems are The Content Canvas, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, RebelMouse.

6) Have patience and be consistent

Because content marketing isn’t an overnight shot-in-the-arm for success, it entails commitment and patience.

If your approach to take advantages of content marketing properly (publish helpful content, boost that content intensely and to the right audiences, acquiring leads, turn your visitors into prospective clients, etc.) you still likely won’t see large success within few months even.

This is because it needs time to develop an identity in the market of content space and to develop a relationship with an individual prospect.

7) Implement the Funnel Structure

This is one of the most important phases to achieve success with smart marketing. Make sure you have the right tools to measure your marketing ROI in place as early as possible.

You should have the following tools in a row before you start publishing content:

1. Setup a marketing automation platform for nurturing drip feed emails that’s live.
Recommended products: SimplyCast, ActiveCampaign, BuzzBuilder Pro.

2. Setup a landing page that are designed with some templates and ready to go. Recommended product: Landingi

3. Setup a lead capture to capture your visitor details. Recommended products: Mailchimp

4. Integrates with different platforms with Zapier, IFTTT

8) Brainstorm your content ideas

Now, it’s time to start developing ideas for your next content project. Here are some tools to get the tires running:

1) Get your topic suggestions for a whole year with HubSpot’s blog Topic generator. What you have to do is to enter the topic you’d like to write about, and the blog Topic generator does all the work for you.

2) Feedly is a popular RSS feed to keep track of trendy topics in your industry and help to find ideas at the same time.

3) Discover the trends at BuzzSumo. The information will help you see which content ideas will do well.

9) Publish and manage your content

After meticulously implementing all the above steps you are ready to publish your work. You should organize your publishing schedule with the help of an editorial calendar, so that you’ll be on the right track for publishing a well-balanced and diverse content.

The steps above are a starting point for creating a buzzing content machine that can create momentum for your company’s growth funnel while improving your brand. It needs time and creativity to grow utilizing the advantages of content marketing strategy successfully.

From building the foundation of your content marketing plan to using tools to better manage your content, setting up your strategy for the New Year won’t be a stress if you follow the steps and explore the resources here.

Advantages Of Content Marketing-How To Create Effective Content To Buzz?
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