7 Ways To Get More Fans On Your Facebook Fan Page!

By: Samik on August 8, 2013

Facebook has become a huge potential market for your social media efforts. Get more fans and engage them on your Facebook page to grow your business virally. Here are some important statistics to incorporate this social media in your business. These are recently released by Facebook. Worldwide active Facebook users are 1.15 billion. 4.5 billion likes generate daily worldwide. 669 million active users log into Facebook daily. Average time spent on Facebook account is 20 minutes. What does this mean to you? You can promote your business to this huge potential market but some people face difficulty promoting their Facebook fan page. Here is some information about how to get more fans on your page, how to increase the followers of your page and subsequently spread awareness of your business.1. Ask people to like your page
You can ask people you know to like your Facebook page. This is a 100 % free opportunity to promote your page; their likes will appear in the Newsfeed of their friends, substantially their friends to like the page as well. However, do not be far too tricky, and offer a purpose why they should like your Facebook fan page.

2. Update frequently
If you do not post frequently, then obviously people will not like your page, as there would be no content for them to view. Try to post at least three to five times a week to keep people interested in your Facebook page, and to encourage their friends like it.

3. Share your Facebook fan page link in other media
For example, you could include your Facebook fan page link in your website, on your Twitter account, and flyers your business might give out. You can add a Facebook like Box to the home page of your website. Others can see the faces of the people who like your page. You could also include your link in your email signature. Email your customers, saying you have created a Facebook fan page and asking them to like it.

4. Post interesting content
To keep people engaged in your Facebook page, you have to post interesting things. Quality content makes a good impact, and interests people. Try to post eye-catching images time to time, and ask questions in statuses for people to reply. You can also post surveys for people to answer. Create an event on your Page and motivate people to be a part of them, and post unique information only found on your fan page. People then look forward to your content and spread the word. Your content should be entertaining or educational, and motivate others to comment or like.

5. Organize contests
You can give out awards such as books or services from your company every week or per month. You can also set a target for a number of likes. For example, if you have 450 likes, you can guarantee the 500th liker an award, or a unique shout-out.

6. Advertise
If you are willing to spread your business virally and if you can afford some money, you can buy Facebook or Google ad campaign that promotes your Facebook fan page to others. Facebook ads allow you to focus on a specific market that would be interested in your business. Write exciting ads and place an image, decide on a budget, and then launch your advertisement.

7. Be patient
Building a fan base needs time, patience, and commitment. It also needs to be authentic to obtain true prospects.

After following these guidelines, you can stand out from the crowd and you will progressively get more fans and your Facebook fan page will be more well-known.

7 Ways To Get More Fans On Your Facebook Fan Page!
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