7 Top Ways To Use Google+ In Your Business

By: Samik on July 24, 2013

One of the best social networking platforms to develop your business is Google+. It can also help your day to day business activities. In near future this is going to be a most wanted platform. Outlined below are seven top ways to use Google+ in your business.1. Group Editing of Google Docs

Google docs can be incorporated with Google+. It enables you to edit your business documents in Google docs and makes your work easier if you are working on the documents together with your employees or partners. Unlike past times when people had to email documents back and forth for editing, Google+ simply offers the Google docs feature which enables you to create documents, revise and point out any alterations that you wish to see made and so on. Google+ plus also enables you to group-edit multiple documents within a short time; all you need to do is start a Hangout and create the documents.

2. Email Organization

Your business may be receiving lots of emails from clients, suppliers, service providers and so on. You might find it daunting to wade through the emails when searching for particular ones, but with Google+ circles you are able to group everyone by category and adequately filter and prioritize your business emails. It will be easy to quickly find emails from persons grouped together in the circles based on the role they play in the running of your business.

3. Great Video Business chats

Google+ plus has enabled easy group video chats for your business involving crucial projects and meetings. You are able to video chat with your clients, service providers, investors and so on, through Google+ hangouts. Effective brainstorming sessions have also been known to be conducted via Google+. Here is a video, how to use Google+ hangouts.

4. Planning and Organizing Business events

You are able to organize networking events, office parties, product launches and so on through Google+. All you need to do is use the Google+ events where you click the “Create event” button, add the relevant details which include the event title, the start and finish time, the invite list and so on. You are also able to use Google maps for the directions and invite the people in your Google+ circles and Gmail contact list. The Google calendar will automatically feature your event and you are also able to share event information including photos before, during and after the event.

5. Carrying Out Effective Customer Care

Through Google+ circles and hangouts you are able to effectively interact with your customers and address their issues. The customers are able to openly voice their opinions about your product or service and enable you to make the necessary adjustments to meet their needs, hence increase the sales.

6. For Brand Marketing

Google+ can also be a great platform for building your online brand presence. You could create a customized URL for your account, use the events feature to create publicity for your business events; claim Google authorship via your Google+ profile to further build authority and influence, create communities and so on. You could also participate in other Google+ hangouts created by other businesses in the same industry as yours. You will make them interested in your business as well and they will end up sharing your business posts with their followers, something that will definitely give you more brand recognition.

7. Running Exclusive Promotions

You can run an exclusive promotion for your product or service through Google+. You could place links on your Google+ page that could lead your audience to your main website for them to win prizes or simply participate in the promotion, thus you are engaging them in your business platform. You could also place links to other social networks where the promotions are ongoing for your followers to participate.

These are the most effective ways among many others to use Google+ in your business.

7 Top Ways To Use Google+ In Your Business
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