12SecondCommute-What is it All About?

By: Samik on August 2, 2013

12 SecondCommute is a platform to achieve the success of your online business desire. It provides all the tools and resources which every successful online marketer use.12SecondCommute-What is it All About?

12sc is owned and operated by ISORegister, Inc. ISORegister, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Virginia, USA in 1999 and since then it has been helping people by providing tools and resources who want to work from home.(Source 12SC)CEO Mr. Darryl Graham and the commuted moderators, Jim Allen, Eric Burgoyne, Wanda Rawlins, Ken Ostrye are actually caring and sincerely wants to see us become a successful online marketer.

They have an autoresponder with contact management system including unlimited capture pages, ad trackers, rotators and so much more. Presently other email management companies charge 20 to 40 dollars for a certain no. of contacts, but as this number goes up they used to charge more and more. To get the contacts you need to host your capture pages, for this, you have to go to another company and have to pay extra. But in 12SecondCommute you will get all the tools and much more all in one easy to use package. They have also multi-tier affiliate program.>>>Click here to get access

Here are the tools which you will get after joining in 12SecondCommute:

Autoresponder: They have a dedicated 10000 capacity autoresponder. You can have full control over it and down the road, you can promote any legal product or programs that you want to send them out. It works with prospecting system, capture pages which you can set up within a very less amount of time. Videos are available to do all the setting up process to successfully accomplish your task.

Contact Management System: Here will get all the list of your subscribers and you can manage them as you wish.

12SecondCommute-What is it All About?

Ad Link Trackers: To become successful in online business you should track your ad links placed on online Internet platforms. This way you can be able to know which ad is performing well and which not so that you can stop investing your money in the dead ads, where no clicks are available.

Capture Page Creator: In 12SecondCommute back office dozens of capture page templates of different niches are available to choose, which can be further integrated with a number of prewritten autoresponders.

URL Rotator: This is a very powerful tool that every online marketer should use. With the help of this tool, you can promote a number of programs that you are involved with a single URL.

Exclusive Program Builder: With the help of the program builder you can promote other businesses of your choice or you can build your own 12SC capture page with the integration of autoresponder and host as well. To help you get it done Mona’s design center also is available inside.

SEO Tools: With the help of SEO tools available in 12SC you shall be able to enhance your website, which will cost you a huge amount of money if you go for the same tools in the online markets.

RFY100: This is a new service that shall be available in your 12SC back office. This is a service where you can sell downloadable products and keep 100% of the money and which shall be included a signup form.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are much more inside, like Click Bank Mall, Smart Page, Video Trainings, Downloadable product library, Unsurpassed Support and Training, Advertising resources and much more to say.

Presently 12SecondCommute is offering 5 years Platinum Account which will cost you $297 one time payment. You can pay this in 2 easy installments of only $148.50; however, they are giving you a FREE trial account with NO credit card required to take a peek and to see if this is for you. They are running this offer until and unless it reaches 100 accounts after that new customer will pay $47 per month.

It’s up to you whether you will upgrade or not, but you WILL NEED all these resources if you really want to get success on the internet, and you will not get them at a better cost anywhere else.

People will pay for valuable services and there are other networks out there charging over $100 a month and giving people far less. It’s time to take control of your life with the help of 12SecondCommute and make the Internet work for you! Get your trial accounts now in 12 Second Commute

12SecondCommute-What is it All About?
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