10 Free And Proven Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic!

By: Samik on October 30, 2013

10 Free And Proven Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic!


Getting more traffic to your website is the main goal. Because more traffic means more engagement and which in turn makes more sales. One of my friends was upset because he was not getting adequate web traffic although his contents were good. One day he asked me how he will be able to increase more traffic to his website! The Internet is a BIG pie and everybody want a piece of the pie. Probably several numbers of blogs just like yours out there and you have to stand apart from them to reach more people and gain more visits each month. Here are 10 FREE and proven ways to increase more traffic to your site:1. A selection of Topics!Your blog topic should be up-to-date and people should be engaged about your topic. The selection of the topics should match your niche website. The best way to solve this problem is by subscribing with Google Alerts and subscribe to news. Once you will subscribe, Google will send you an email notification whenever any news is published on the Internet and people are engaged with the topics.

Another way to get niche topics is by subscribing to Ezine Articles. Same way Ezine will notify you whenever any blog will be posted in Ezine to your niche.


2. SEO Factor!

You don’t have to become an SEO guru, but learning the basics of how to use keywords, how to place them in your text and why you need them is essential for search engines to find your page and rank you higher in SERP.


3. Write consistently!

This, of course, applies to informative blogs and websites. If you have a site based on articles, you MUST update it at least twice a week, so that both your readers and search engines can see you are really doing your best to make it on the first page. And you will if you keep up the pace.


4. Carefully Choose Your Title!

Your blog title is most important. This is the first thing your visitor will see when they will land on your website, so this should attract visitors. The title will decide whether your visitor will click it or leave. Your blog title should be a bridge with your blog body. It should be engaging, professional and intriguing, depending on your niche. Some examples of promising or positive realms like “How To Effectively…. /10 Ways To Build…. /The Best Thing About…” some negative titles like “#Mistakes…. How To Avoid…. /10…. You Should Avoid…”. Statistically, the negative title works well.


5. Photos

We all love pictures, and since 70% of the information a human mind receives comes from the visual sense, it is important to add pictures to your articles. They can be simple photos, drawings, infographics, it’s less important as long as they help explain what you want to say to the reader and that you have permission to use those photos. (Look for royalty free pictures)


6. Link Building

When you are talking about something, a lot of time you include peoples quotation or even other people product into your blog writing and wants to take credibility. Be honest and give credibility to the original person and link their website. You have to offer if you want to get and the best way to acquire visitors is to offer them to do more research. They appreciate the factor that you are being honest and providing them with a more efficient source, rather than misleading them you are the best!


7. Social Media

Remember to add social media buttons to your page: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the future of bringing visitors to your website and making a presence on these social platforms is essential. Readers need to know you care about them and not only about the number of ad clicks on your site.


8. Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to create backlinks to your website that generates traffic and help you increase your ranking in SERP. It doesn’t matter if you are writing for free when your goal is to generate income. Search engines will appreciate the effort and lift your site up a bit.


9. Email Subscriptions

Having a subscribe button at the end of your page (even better, at the top) is a great way to have more visitors. But remember not to give away all that’s new and hot in the weekly newsletter. Only a few interesting lines about the topic and a link back to your site can do wonders!


10. Giveaways and Contests!

People love free stuff and sharing a piece of your pie can do wonders for your website, especially if you choose the formula: “Invite 3 friends and get a chance to win…!” It’s less important what they win, the point is…they WIN!

So, now that you have the 10 fat and proven ways to increase traffic to your website up your sleeve, start using these advises and build up that no. 1 blog you have been dreaming about the last 3 years!


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10 Free And Proven Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic!
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